Create Your Plan

After declaring University Studies, students are required to take UNIV 2000: Introduction to University Studies.  UNIV 2000 is designed to orient students to the University Studies degree program, initiate the student’s career planning efforts, and facilitate the approval of each student’s thematic core curriculum plan.

Thematic Core

The thematic core is a unique and interdisciplinary grouping of courses not found in a traditional major at ECU and is designed to help students attain their educational and career goals.  The thematic core consists of 48 semester hours and is accepting of students’ accumulated credits from a previous major and/or transfer credits.  Our advisors help students select course work for their thematic core and each student’s thematic core must be reviewed and approved by our Faculty Oversight Committee to ensure academic rigor and non-replication of an existing major.

Faculty Oversight Committee

The University Studies Faculty Oversight Committee (FOC) is composed of faculty representatives from each of the colleges throughout the university. The committee provides final approval of each student’s course of study and thematic core and serves as a resource to BSUS students. Further, the committee provides advice and support to the University Studies Program.

MemberAcademic UnitCollege/School
Dr. Mandi PetersonAccountingBusiness
Dr. Timothy ChristensenBiologyArts and Sciences
Dr. Karen VoyteckiSpecial Education/Foundations and ResearchEducation
Dr. Ray HylockHealth Services and Information ManagementAllied Health Sciences
Dr. Brian MillerTechnology SystemsEngineering and Technology
Dr. Alexis HodgesNursingNursing
Dr. Sandy LookabaughHuman Development and Family ScienceHealth and Human Performance
Dr. Donna KainEnglishArts and Sciences
Dr. Birgit JensenForeign Languages and LiteratureArts and Sciences
Dr. Cynthia WagonerMusicFine Arts and Communication
Dr. Patrick RiderKinesiologyHealth and Human Performance