A Degree That Fits Your Needs

The Bachelor of Science in University Studies is designed as an alternate degree option for students who face significant roadblocks which prevent their continuation or completion of a traditional BA/BS degree. Students may use their coursework from their previous major(s) and/or transfer credits. Our students receive advising and faculty assistance to develop their curriculum upon declaring the University Studies major, and during our program’s introductory course UNIV 2000: Introduction to University Studies.

This program is perfect for students with a higher number of completed credit hours (a minimum of 75 earned hours is required to declare), transfer students, and “part-way” students (adult learners who left college without a degree), as well as military personnel, veterans, and their family members who need a degree that can be tailored to their desires, but accepting of accumulated credit hours. Students who wish to pursue a career in education should be aware that a University Studies degree does not meet requirements for professional teacher licensure. As a result, teacher licensure can be acquired alternately, through specialized licensure only, lateral entry, or Master of Arts in Teaching programs. In addition, completion of the University Studies degree will not make students eligible for specialized certifications which may be available to students who complete specific, traditional majors.

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